Industrial Solutions, LLC of Arizona

Vendor Biography

Our Start

In 1997 Industrial Solutions was established to respond to a market need for practical and effective process improvement services. Since then Industrial Solutions has constructed a complete package of services to help companies improve production performance, shorten lead times, and increase profits. Industrial Solutions has a team of full-time trainers and consultants who bring together their unique skills and a wide range of experience in the application of modern manufacturing methods to help companies implement the principals of Lean Manufacturing.

Over 25,000 People Trained

Since 1997, Industrial Solutions has trained over 25,000 people in 600 unique companies. We have engaged in comprehensive lean implementation programs with over 100 companies representing industries from aerospace to healthcare, automotive manufacturing to state government, machining job shops to retail stores and fencing contractors.

Our Portfolio

In 2003 Industrial Solutions established the Lean Implementer Certification program providing companies with the long-term training and vision they need for sustained success. Shortly after that, we added Measurable Management to compliment the lean skills with management training. And, ever since, we’ve added additional Lean Toolbox and support topics to our portfolio.

In 2012, Colin Reed bought ISI from its founder Gerry Raubach. Since then, ISI has added Design for Manufacturability, Toyota Kata, Advanced Facilitation Skills, Lean Green Belt, and Lean Warehouse among others.

Our Experience

Our history and experience have uniquely equipped us to bring Lean thinking into any company of any size in any industry. If you are interested in Lean Thinking and process improvement but are not sure where your company should start, please contact us and we would be happy to meet with you and discuss how you can begin your Lean journey.

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